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The IUP Journal of Soft Skills, Vol. III, Nos. 3 & 4, 200932Interpersonal Communication:Lifeblood of an OrganizationCommunication plays a crucial role in the functioning of organizations.In fact, what an organization requires mainly is communication. It is aninseparable, essential and continuous process just like the circulatorysystem in the human body. As a result, communication effectivenessbecomes a very vital factor in determining the efficiency with which anorganization performs as a whole. The existence of an organizationdepends upon a number of things like unity of command, delegation ofauthority and responsibility, teamwork and leadership, each one of whichentails a strong support of interpersonal communication. Interpersonalcommunication, therefore, becomes the lifeblood of an organization.Fundamentals of interpersonal communication are communicators,message, noise, response, background and channel. Decent interpersonalcommunication skills support intimate relationship, counse...