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“I truly believe that life is a contact sport. You never know just who you’ll meet and what role they might play in your career or your life.”—Ken Kragen Communication ConsultantINTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION:A First LookLEARNING OBJECTIVESAfter completing this chapter, you should be able to demonstrate mastery of the following learning outcomes:1. Define interpersonal communication, distinguishing it from other types of communication.2. Use a communication model to identify the essential elements and transactional nature of the interpersonal communication process.3. Explain the functions interpersonal communication serves.4. Describe the characteristics, core principles, and axioms of interpersonal communication5. Explain how gender and culture affect interpersonal communication.6. Provide examples of how digital media are reshaping interpersonal contacts.7. Develop a plan to improve interpersonal communication.1chapterPart I: Foundations Chapter 1: Interpersonal Communication: A First L...