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Key Termsautocraticconflict resolutioncontingency plandemocraticinterpersonal skilllaissez-fairemanagementmanagement styleprofessionalismtime management Interpersonal SkillsInterpersonal skills provide the foundation for building strong business relationships with coworkers, customers, and managers. The ability to manage time efficiently, act with confidence, and engage in team building are all facets that help a marketing team achieve goals.ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, you will be able to: ;Identify effective interpersonal skills ;Use time management principles ;Demonstrate professionalismChapter 16 Chapter 16Interpersonal SkillsUnit 4 · Chapter 16 Principles of Marketing254Identifying Interpersonal SkillsAn important part of marketing is the ability to apply interpersonal skills in a variety of situations. Interpersonal skills refer to the skills necessary to interact with others, and they are essential for building good business relationships. For instance, marketing profes...