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1 of 2 Interpersonal Skills for Managers Training Seminar Who Should Attend: The target audience for this training seminar is operations and middle level managers, supervisors, executive assistants. Duration: 1 day Prerequisite: None Objectives: At the end of this training seminar participants will be able to: • Evaluate and determine the strength of their interpersonal skills • Acknowledge and reward team and individual accomplishments • Review and relate feedback towards increased productivity & problem solving • Apply communication style concepts to delivery • Manage time more effectively • Influence team towards excellence • Identify and address communication and other issues towards a cohesive work team Content: • Expectancy o Team mates, subordinates, managers • Key characteristics of effective interpersonal skills in the place of work • Barriers to being effective • Define and apply perception concepts • Evaluate how you currently approach your work and other team mates • Evalua...