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IntroductionAustin FisherIn many ways, the remit of this book revolves around an obvious proposition. The Spaghetti Western, as a transatlantic meeting place, is of necessity a cinematic category to be considered in international contexts, the hundreds of fi lms which the category comprises docu-menting shifts in Italy’s cultural outlook, as the reference points of American popular culture became ever more visible in the post-war years. Yet an Italo-American focus tells only a fraction of a story in which myriad strands of infl uence converged within, and continue to emanate from, this amorphous group of fi lms. Spaghetti Western is a classifi cation constantly in transit between cultures, genres and conceptions of taste, and its patterns of production, distribution and consumption display diverse acts of ‘border crossing’ and translation. By appraising a broad selection of fi lms – from the internationally famed works of Sergio Leone to the cult cachet of Sergio Corbucci and the more obscu...