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1 DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY : INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE The study of Botany, dealing with the structure, function, classification and evolution of plants, has inspired many great minds. Plants are unique as solar energy converters and providers of energy for all heterotrophic organisms. It is fascinating to study the wide spectrum of reproductive processes in algae, fungi, lichens, bryophytes, gymnosperms, and flowering plants. A student of Botany has been learning these aspects together with taxonomy, anatomy, plant pathology, plant breeding, microbiology, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, ecology, cytology, genetics, cytogenetics, molecular biology and plant biotechnology. Renewing and updating of the curriculum is the essential ingredient of any vibrant academic system. Curriculum with necessary additions and changes are introduced in it from time to time, with a prime objective to maintain updated curriculum and also providing therein inputs to take care of paced dev...