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Index Introduction 3 Interpersonal Skills 5 Study Skills 6 Communication Skills 7 Tutoring 14 Learning Disabilities 17 Confidentiality 20 General Information Time Management 21 Diversity 24 Matches That Don’t Work 24 Endings 25 Other Jobs on Campus 25 Guideline for Peer Tutor Pay Raises 25 Limitations on Who You Can Tutor 25 Evaluations 25 Peer Tutor Evaluation Report 26 Keeping Track Of Your Time 26 Check-Ins 26 TutorTrac 27 Turning In Time 27 Group Tutoring 27 Payday 28 Training 28 2 What is the Transfer Opportunity Program? The Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP) at Umpqua Community College is part of a federal program called TRiO, which helps students overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to higher education. Since its inception, an estimated 2.2 million students have graduated from college through the special assistance and support of our nation’s TRiO Programs. The services we provide through TOP at UCC are an important piece of this overall picture. Our program began Wint...