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Introduction to Interpersonal CommunicationPART 1 Interpersonal Communication Foundations1Objectives ➊ Compare and contrast definitions of communication, human communication, and interpersonal communication. ➋ Explain why it is useful to study interpersonal communication. ➌ Describe the key components of the communication process, including communication as action, interaction, and transaction. ➍ Discuss five principles of interpersonal communication. ➎ Discuss electronically mediated communication’s role in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. ➏ Identify strategies that can improve your communication competence.OutlineInterpersonal Communication Defined Interpersonal Communication’s Importance to Your Life Interpersonal Communication and the Communication Process Interpersonal Communication Principles Interpersonal Communication and Technology Interpersonal Communication Competence “ Communication is to a relationship what breathing is to maintaining life. ” —Virgin...