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DETAILS OF PRE-APPROVED DIGITAL SOLUTIONANNEX 3Company Digital Solution Name & Version Number1Appointment PeriodExtended Appointment Period2wef. 12 August 2021Standard Packaged Solution (ie. Minimum items to be purchased)UnitQuantity1)SoftwareQuickbooks online Plus subscription for unlimited users per Company for one year. Modules include: e-Sales Quotations, e-lnvoices, e- Delivery Orders, Goods and Services tax (GST), e- Purchase orders, e-Payment vouchers, Multiple Currencies, Integrated Inventory and 65 Customised ReportsPer annum1.00Registration of InvoiceNow and linkage to Quickbooks onlineper company1.002)HardwareNot Applicable3)Professional ServicesUnderstanding of business processes and to perform gap analysis to customise Quickbooks Online to client's needs. This involves: To understand and go through the current sales and receipts processes and perform gap analysis per manday0.25To understand and go through the current purchases and payment processes and perform gap analysis...