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Product Environmental Report iPad mini March 18, 2019Enclosure made with low-carbon aluminum Tackling climate change8% fewer emissions compared to previous-generation iPad mini 65% less energy consumed than the ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency limit Engaging suppliers Made with better materials100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board25% or more recycled plastic in the display chassis, speakers, and Wi-Fi carrierMade without1 • Arsenic-free display glass • Mercury-free • Brominated flame retardant–free • PVC-free • Beryllium-free • Lead-free solderResponsible packaging100% of the wood fiber comes from recycled and responsible sources 72% less plastic in retail packaging than for previous-generation iPad mini Apple GiveBack Return your device through Apple GiveBack and we’ll give it a new life, or recycle it for free.This report includes data current as of product launch. Product evaluations are based on U.S. configuration of iPad mini (64GB).100% of iPad mini final assembly...