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Is Sociology a Science?Poon Ka WingSociology, C.W. Chu CollegeI. IntroductionPhysicist Richard Feynman once said, “the philosophy of science is as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds”. While this may be true for cases where predecessors have already “saved their successors the trouble of thinking” (Poincaré 162), it is not the case for sociology. Although the discipline is defined as “the scientific study of social behaviour and human groups” (Schaefer 5)1, many sociologists frequently feel “insecure” about the status of sociology as a scientific discipline (Ritzer 446), some even go so far as to deny it (Islam 5). Therefore, this essay attempts to discuss the important question of whether sociology is a science. Since it is impossible to consider this question without thinking about what is science, this essay consists of two parts: the first part would try to discuss the essential criteria of science, while the second part would examine whether sociology is a scientific d...