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ITEM 609.040100NY - GRANITE BLOCK LANDSCAPE EDGING ITEM 609.040200NY - SOLDIER GRANITE BLOCK LANDSCAPE EDGING Page 1 of 2 2/13/12 DESCRIPTION: Under these items, the Contractor shall furnish and set Granite Block Landscape Edging of both types, in accordance with the plans, specifications, and directions of the Engineer. MATERIALS: Granite Blocks: §704-09 Stone Blocks Samples: The Contractor shall furnish two (2) samples of blocks before starting work, for approval by the Engineer. Blocks used on the work shall conform to the approved samples, in the opinion of the Engineer. Store granite above ground on level, non-staining blocking. Cover with weatherproof coverings to prevent staining by weather, dirt, mud, oils and grease. Carefully handle to prevent chipping and cracking and any other damage which impairs strength, durability, and appearance. Discard and remove damaged materials from job site. Maintain materials and surrounding air temperature minimum of above 50 degrees F., prior ...