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Jackson Pollock Yarn Paintings Pre-K → 2nd Grade Materials & Resources: (Adapted from www.learnplayread.com) Cardstock or white construction paper Pencils 3 colors of washable paint Separate paint containers for yarn dipping (paper plates, cups, other containers) Yarn (one 8-inch piece per paint color, per artist) Clothespins Popsicle/wooden craft sticks Gluesticks Black construction paper (must be larger than the white paper) Artists will engage in: _X_ independent activities ___cooperative learning ___peer tutoring _X_whole group instruction ___interdisciplinary learning ___self-assessment ___activation of prior knowledge ___questioning strategies ___varied learning styles ___pairing _X_hands-on ___centers ___simulations ___technology ___lecture _X_visuals _X_a project Objectives/Learning Goals TSWBAT (The Student Will Be Able To…) ●TSWBAT create an original abstract painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Images 1.Autumn Rhythm, ​Jackson Pollock 2.Convergence​, Jackson Pollock Ant...