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ICE& A SLICEJANUARY 2020BIG IN JAPANKon’nichiwa and Happy New Year!It’s the dawn of a new and exciting decade. 2020 is HEREand it’s going to be full of surprises.So whether you’re going to bravely detox and give ‘Dry Jan’ a go or sign upto ‘Veganuary’, it’s a great time to try something new. Maybe a sportingactivity or learning a new language could be on the agenda?With Japan hosting the next Summer Olympic Games, we are set to behooked on all things Japanese. After watching ‘Queer Eye in Japan’,we couldn’t help but fall completely in love with this beautiful andthoughtful nation of people.WWW.PSDICEART.CO.UK01342 835 348WWW.PSDICEART.CO.UK • 01342 835 348 WWW.PSDICEART.CO.UK • 01342 835 348It’s Tokyo 2020,so expect anelegant wave ofJapanese culture(with a sportingtwist) coming yourway throughoutthe year.www.psdiceart.co.ukJAPANJAPAN 20202020the year.the year.Iconic Japanese Ice BallsIce Plates for Aqua KyotoKikkoman Sushi Wall Ice SculptureTokyo Ice SculptureFour Fox SakeIce Sculpture...