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palace buildings of this period were built in the Tang style of China. In the Heian period (794–1185), Chinese elements were fully assimilated and a truly national style developed. The homes of the nobility in Heiankyo, now Kyoto, were built in the shinden-zukuri style, in which the main buildings and sleeping quarters stood in the center and were connected to other surrounding apartments by corridors. Many castles were built in the sixteenth century, when feudal lords dominated A harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation The Development of Japanese Architecture Web Japan http://web-japan.org/ ARCHITECTURE Historically, architecture in Japan was influenced by Chinese architecture, although the differences between the two are many. Whereas the exposed wood in Chinese buildings is painted, in Japanese buildings it traditionally has not been. Also, Chinese architecture was based on a lifestyle that included the use of chairs, while in Japan people customarily sat on the floor (a ...