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THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART 1t WEST 53 STREET, NEW YORK 19, N. Y. TELEPHONE: CIRCLE 5-8900 DESCRIPTION OF THE JAPANESE EXHIBITION HOUSE ON VIEW AT THE MUSEUM OP MODERN ART DURING THE SUMMERS OP 1951* AND 1955 The Japanese exhibition house was designed by Junzo Yoshimura, leading Japan-ese architect and Professor at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts. This example of Japanese architecture, based on l6th and 17th century prototypes, was selected by the Museum of Modern Art as its third Exhibition House in the Garden because of the unique relevance of traditional Japanese design to modern Western architecture. Four important characteristics which give Japanese architecture this relevance are post and lintel skeleton frame construction, flexible room arrangements, close rela-tion of indoor and outdoor areas, and the ornamental quality of the structural sys-tem itself. The house, which might have been built by a l6th or 17th century Japanese scholar, government official, or priest, contains a m...