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Associate Professor JOHN OKSANISHJohn Oksanish holds degrees in Classicsfrom the University of Massachusetts atAmherst (B.A., M.A.T.) and Yale (M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D). Prior to pursuing the Ph.D.,he worked for HarperCollins Publishers inNew York and taught secondary school Latin(Walpole, Mass.). He regularly teachescourses in Epic, Latin Historiography, LatinEpistolography, and the CLA seminar onCicero. A dyed-in-the-wool New Englander ofEastern European and Québécois extraction(inter alia), he has come to view a spring inthe Carolina Piedmont as a (more or less)fair trade for autumn in western Mass. Dr. Oksanish specializes in the prose literature of the late Republic andearly Empire, though he has published research on topics ranging fromVergil’s pastoral poems to “universal” historiography. He is especiallyinterested in ancient notions of expertise and authority in civic life. His book, currently under contract with Oxford University Press (workingtitle: Vitruvian Men), examines Vitruv...