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What are 3 ways you can prepare? HOw much can you earn?Do you like to do these things?Why is this Job Cool?How Much Schooling?what are similar careers?These professionals study human interactions in the workplace with the goal of improving the performance, safety and health of workers and increasing job satisfaction. They study practices such as hiring and training to keep companies’ competitive. II• Become a peer mediator • Collect information and represent it graphically• Participate in school safety clubsWhat are 3 ways you can prepare? HOw much can you earn? About $84,000Do you like to do these things?• Collect and compare data• Watch people and how they behave• Work with others to solve problemsWhy is this Job Cool?“I get to help people figure out how to work smarter and be happier at work. Sometimes I recommend changes in how teams work and how projects are accomplished.” How Much Schooling?Bachelor’s Degree + Postgraduatewhat are similar careers?• Human Factors Psychologist• Hum...