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The Keith Haring Foundation: biography, essays and press, interviews, artworksIn 1980 Rolling Stone interviewedHaring while the artist was at work on a 500 ft mural with high school students in Chicago. Haring discusses his upbringing and education, relationships with Andy Warhol and Jean-Michele Basquiat, and AIDS crisis and his relationship with the disease. Speaking of his symbolic pictorial language, Haring remembers “trying to figure out where this stuff came from, but I have no idea. It just grew into this group of drawings. I was thinking about these images as symbols, as a vocabulary of things…Suddenly it made sense to draw on the street, because I had something to say.”In addition to subway drawings, paintings, public sculpture, and art activism, Haring was a prolific muralist.Haring, 1986 at the StedelijkMuseum, AmsterdamPhotograph: NationaalArchiefKeith Haring (American, 1958-90 –Artist ResourcesHaring speaks about his subway drawings in a brief interview for a local tv prog...