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Kids Club Online Indiana Jones burst onto our screens in 1981 in the movie The Raiders of the Lost Ark. A heroic professor of archaeology with a wry and often sarcastic sense of humour, the character has appeared in numerous films, books, graphic novels, video games and even on tv. He has a deep knowledge of languages and ancient civilizations, which he uses in his quests to find ancient artefacts and to defeat the bad guys. As heroic as he is, he has an extreme fear of snakes! To find out more about Indiana Jones and his many adventures, search the library catalogue for “Indiana Jones”. You might like to borrow a book, a movie or a graphic novel. Follow Dr Jones’ adventures in this activity booklet. And watch out for the snakes! Kids Club Online Help Indiana Jones get to the pyramid. Climb the ladders if you can, but beware of the snakes! To play—print out the snakes and ladders game on the next page or design your own template. Each player has a counter and places it on the start squ...