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theartofeducation.eduDisposable cupsStyrofoam traysBradsPipe cleanersPopsicle sticksCardboardPaperTape or hot glueBlow dryerLesson adapted from North Carolina Museum of Art.KINETIC SCULPTURE CHALLENGE Step 1 Explain the ChallengeExplain that students will be challenged to create a kinetic sculpture. Be sure to define what “kinetic” means and give your time parameters. In addition, each sculpture should meet the following three requirements: Moves in 2 ways | Stands on its own | Is at least 12” tallThis challenge may take one or two class periods depending how long your classes are. You’ll want to give students about 45 minutes to construct their piece. Step 2 Gain InspirationShow students Vollis Simpson’s Wind Machine. As they watch, have them look carefully and write down observations about how they saw the sculpture moving. Have students research kinetic artwork on Colossal. Break students into groups and have them use the search function to find related artwork. Then, have each grou...