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MoreThingsTo Try Make some noiseAdd sounds to your sculpture by choosing materialsthat rustle, jangle, or click as they move about.Create the sculptureStart by connecting the big red gear to the motor – there are lotsof ways to attach things to it. For example, you can attach someLEGO® pegs to the gear and then slip colored straws over the pegs.Or try attaching something else –floppy material will work best.Try things like pipe cleaners,feathers, tinsel, streamers,or colored ribbons.Make it danceChange the timing and thedirection to make different dances.twist!cha-cha!forever1reversemotoronforsetpower 25repeatrepeatwaitwait614123reversemotoronformotoronforsetpower 25Twist to the beatMake your sculpturedance when you clap.waitsetpowermotoronloud?foreverwaituntil251reverseSpin when you speakMake your sculpture spinfaster when you speak louder.setpower 25motoronforever setpower loudnessDesign a spi nn i n g s c ulp t u r e th a t da n c e s a s i t tw i s tsKinetic Sculpture Design a spi ...