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Lesley STEAM • steam.lesley.edu • 2015 Kinetic Sculpture Simple Machine Project Your challenge: choose a motion for your simple machine. Build and test your cam and axle design. 1. 2. 3. This project is inspired by several different sources. Credit is due to The Pie Institute and Timothy Harkins, an Andover Public School Teacher. Download our eBook template using the link or scan below: bit.ly/masscue15. Lesson plan credit the Pie Institute: http://www.exploratorium.edu/pie/index.html TRY THIS: Create your own gears instead of cams! Lesley STEAM • steam.lesley.edu • 2015 eBooks with Book Creator A key aspect of the kinetic art project was an eBook template that students used to document their design process from start to finish. The eBooks template was developed by the art and technology teachers and based on the design process below: Starting with a pre-assessment, students documented their process through answering writing prompts, creating labeled diagrams, photos of their brainstor...