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Knowledge of Language and the Sounds of SpeechMorris Halle and Kenneth N. Stevens 19911. The Representation of Utterances in Memory:Phonological Evidence1.1. Speech is Composed of WordsSpeakers have the clear intuition that when speaking they say words andwhen spoken to they hear words. It comes as a considerable surprise tonaive speakers to discover that the utterances that they produce andhear are in fact not divided by short pauses into words. And this im-pression of hearing and speaking words is not lost even by experiencedspeech researchers who are well aware of the fact that utterances are notacoustically segmented into words.The proposition that we hear words is nicely supported by the resultsof the following Gedankenexperiment. Speakers of English can readilydivide the utteranceThe Lord is my shepherd I shall not wantinto its nine component words. But when presented with the utterance[jaw'eroí'ibíehs'ar],which is the original Hebrew phrase of which the English is a transla-tion...