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KODEETIK 3Code of ConductPerforming with IntegritySince its inception, Sinar Mas has demonstrated a commitment to performance with integrity. But past record matters little if each of us does not continue to make the right decisions and take the right actions - it takes only one lapse and one person to blemish our reputation. This is why we are introducing an updated GAR Code of Conduct which spells out the standards we expect all our employees to follow and the behaviors we expect them to adopt.As we focus on becoming the best integrated global Agribusiness and Food company, we must recognize that there is no conflict between excellent business performance and high standard of integrity. In fact, the two are mutually reinforcing. Guidance by the Code of Conduct will maintain our customers’ confidence in our products and services and this enables us to grow our reputation and our business. This is performance with integrity.I ask each person in the GAR family to make a personal commitm...