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kuebix.com | 978-298-2100 KUEBIX TMSTop Five Reasons to Upgrade to Kuebix Business ProFREIGHT INTELLIGENCE BEGINS HERECollaborate across multiple locations and users to gain even better control of your logistics operation. Generate actionable analytics, reports and dashboards that provide visibility to every detail of your freight spend and ensure you’re making the most strategic shipping decisions.Automate the shipment creation process with the addition of Order Integration. With integration, POs flow directly from an ERP system. This facilitates the rapid creation of shipments by avoiding the need to re-key a long list of order line items, ensuring 100% order accuracy.Manage claims more effectively with Kuebix’s Track Claims feature, reducing time and cost in the process.Automate the freight pay and audit function to reduce the cost to audit invoices and the time handling exceptions.12345Upgrade to Kuebix Business Pro by going to kuebix.com/kuebix-business-pro/