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Landscape Drip Application GuideA Practical Guide for Designing and Installing Drip Irrigation SystemsThe Intelligent Use of Water™ www.rainbird.comThe Rain Bird’s low volume irrigation products were coined with the phrase “Xerigation” in the 1990’s and include drip irrigation and low volume spray products. The Rain Bird Xerigation system is the most efficient way to water landscapes. Over the last fifteen years, Rain Bird has been a leader in innovation advances that customers value. Earlier advances included the Xeri-PopTM, the first efficient low volume spray with a spray head that retracts out of sight, the self-cleaning back flush filter that reduces maintenance by automatically flushing out debris, and the PR Series Pressure Regulating Filter that combined the regulator and filter into one component reducing the potential for leaks.Today, Rain Bird continues the tradition of innovation with the SQ Series Nozzle and the XF Series Dripline featured below. With the broadest product ...