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LANDSCAPE REQUIREMENTS - A COMPARITIVE TABLE CITY Index Cities are indicated with an “*” WHEN IS A PROFESSIONAL LICENSE REQ. FOR LANDSCAPE PLANS APPLICABILITY OF LANDSCAPE REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM PERCENTAGE OF LANDSCAPING REQUIRED GENERAL REQUIREMENTS DETAILS June 4, 2015 - Page 1 DALLAS (2012) - Any person may prepare the landscape plan. - There is no requirement that the plan be prepared by a landscape architect or by a person engaged in the landscape business Article X is triggered when: – Non-permeable coverage on the lot or tract is increased by more than 2,000 square feet within a 2 year period – When an application is made for a building permit for construction work that: • increases the number of stories in a building; or • Increases by more than 35% or 10,000 square feet the combined floor area of all building on a lot within a 2 year period In Shared Access Developments 20% of the development must be designated as a landscape area. Mandatory Provisions i. Site trees ii. Perimete...