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Overview*Note: The study focuses on Tier B and Tier C of the NICE Evidence Standards Framework (ESF) for Digital Health Technologies (DHTs). The ESF is designed to be complementary to existing guidance and regulations on relevant standards for DHTs. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant disruption to the delivery of health services in Southeast Asia, as is the case globally. Although all health and disease areas have been affected by the pandemic in some form, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) appear to be one of the most severely affected areas of healthcare, particularly in Southeast Asia. The screening, diagnosis and treatment of NCDs was noted as the number one service backlog area across the WHO Southeast Asia region, as of January 2022.While the transition to digital health services during a pandemic represents a significant shift, there is limited data and analysis relating to the transition - both in Southeast Asia, and globally.We conducted a landscape study over Jan-Ma...