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Language Arts 9 Movie Trailer Assignment The Giver Due Date:____________________ Assignment: Using your knowledge of The Giver by Lowis Lowry demonstrate create a movie trailer (2min) that addressed the themes of Sameness, Memory and Choice. How do these three ideas in the story affect the Community and Jonas? Steps to Success 1. Work in partnerships. 1 person to film, 2 people to work together to plan, shoot and edit together. 2. Plan, Plan, Plan! Use the storyboards provided to illustrate which sections of the story you are going to highlight in the trailer. 3. Shoot A TON of video. Shoot short clips 10 seconds or less. 4. Remember your evaluation is based primarily on how you illustrate the themes and the impression your trailer leaves the viewer. The evaluation is NOT about your technical editing in iMovie. 5. Make your trailer feel as authentic as possible, and I will help you do that. This is only 1 part of the overall assessment. 6. Blog daily about your group’s work and progres...