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LATI 3103 X2Augustan LiteratureWinter 2016Dr. Sonia HewittOffice: BAC 440Telephone: (902) 681-8931Email: [email protected] Hours: Monday, Wednesday 12:00-2:00; other times by appointmentIn this course you will continue to read Latin texts in their original form. We will concentrate onpoetry of the Augustan period. Although you will have some experience translating poems byCatullus, this will be your first introduction to scanning meter, translating poetry, and assessingpoems as works of Latin literature. We begin with selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, awork that is approachable for students learning to read Latin poetry. This poem is set to dactylichexameter, the same meter employed by Homer and Vergil in their epic poems. We will alsoread a selection of lyric poems from Horace’s Odes. Lyric poetry, inspired by the poetry ofSappho and later Hellenistic poets, was pioneered in Latin by Catullus as an artistic form withdeeply personal expression of feelings. The goal is t...