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LAW OF DESIGNS IN INDIA 6thsem.optional paperIntroductionProducts which are artistically designed immediately attract the attention ofcustomers. A design gives aesthetic sense and appearance to the product. Whenpeople go for selecting goods for their purchase may it be textile, electronic items,utensils, cosmetic items, jewellery etc., they get attracted by the shape and designsof goods or its container. Therefore, to attract customers the manufacturers givemuch attention to the design of the products. The creative originality of a designneeds legal protection against copying. Therefore the Law provides for registrationof original design and prohibit its copy by others.Development of Design Law in IndiaIn India, the first law on designs enacted during British regime was Patentsand Designs Act, 1872. Later the Inventions and Designs Act 1888 was enacted toprotect invention and designs. Thereafter, following the British Patent and DesignAct, 1907 the Indian Patent and Designs Act 1911 wa...