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Catch ascatch can: no consensus on catcher useBy James E. GuyetteAssociate Editordoing things.“To the best of my knowledge you can make a case either way,” points out Joel Rowley, merchandis­ing manager for lawn and garden operations at Deutz-Allis Corp., Mil­waukee, Wis. “It’s an age- old question that’s up to the user.”“Sometimes yes, some­times no,” reports George Schaefer, Sr., chairman of the board and chief execu­tive officer at the F.D. Kees Manufacturing Co., Beat­rice, Neb. “I used to mow my lawn twice a week, so I never caught them.”However, Schaefer notes that when growth enhanc-ing fertilizers are used, catching may be necessary. He says that in certain areas out west “they usually don’t use a grass catcher,” while on some lawns in the Northeast “it’s almost a must to use a grass catcher.”In the Northwest, “I per-See CATCH Page 21NATIONAL REPORT-----Should you use a catcher when mowing lawns? The answer is yes. And no.Asking for advice about catchers is similar to seek­ing ...