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Lawn Maintenance In order to assure its proper growth and maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn, it is necessary that you follow the instructions provided below: Watering: On a newly installed lawn, you should water daily to ensure proper germination. Watering in 20- to 30-minute intervals is suggested. Once your lawn is mature enough to be cut, you can reduce the watering to three times a week. Mornings and evenings are the best times to water your lawn. Mowing: Mowing on a regular basis is very important. Failure to regularly cut your grass allows the weeds to take over and kill the grass. Fertilizing: Fertilizing three to four times yearly is recommended. Also, consider a crabgrass, pre-emergence and weed control treatment once the lawn is established. Lime: A lime application in spring or fall is recommended. Thatching: Once your lawn is mature enough to cut, a thorough thatching should be done to remove all hay. A lawn left unthatched will inhibit new growth. If you have any speci...