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Lawn Management for Master GardenersGary FishMaine Board of Pesticides Control Some Benefits of a quality LawnReduce noiseReduce glareReduce surface runoffReduce injury from fallsReduce “nuisance”pests and airborne allergens Essential Components of Lawn ManagementGrass seed selection -different for lawns, golf courses, sport fields & right-of-ways.Establishment -soil preparation, sod or seed.Maintenance -fertilizer, water, mowing, pest control -weeds, insects & diseases. Starting from scratchStarting from scratch••Where do you need a lawn?Where do you need a lawn?––Keep the lawn area as small as Keep the lawn area as small as possiblepossible••Proper grading and drainageProper grading and drainage––Remove topsoil before making grade Remove topsoil before making grade changeschanges––Should be around a 1 Should be around a 1 ––2 % grade 2 % grade away from the home, avoid steep away from the home, avoid steep gradesgrades––Avoid wet areas, if a lawn must be Avoid wet areas, if a lawn mu...