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American Management Association's Leadership Skills for Supervisors Introduction  Identify What Is Different in Supervision/Management Today  Identify the Opportunities for Supervisors/Managers Today  Describe Your Personal Objectives for This Course  Define What Leadership Is from a Supervisor’s Point of View  Rank Leadership Characteristics Leadership  Identify the Difference Between Managers and Leaders  Observe Leaders in Action  Examine Your Own Leadership Capability  Identify How Leaders Build Credibility and Trust  Identify the Leadership Skills That Will Be Needed in the Next Five Years  Explore the Forces Encouraging Leadership and the Constraints Working Against Leadership for Supervisors  Develop Your Own Leadership Skills Development Plan Interpersonal Skills  Identify Interactive Behaviors and Discuss How Each Is Helpful and/or Distracting When Communicating One-on-One and in Groups  Analyze Effective Listening Processes and Skills  Practice Questioning Skil...