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LAWYERSLeadingTen of the D.C. Area’s Top Business Litigation Attorneys10Identifying LeadingBusiness Litigation AttorneysAbusiness litigator is a many splendoredlawyer. One day he’s developing gameplans with his client’s in-house attorneys.The next he’s negotiating a fair settlement withopposing counsel. The following day, he’s trying tohold the jury’s attention with an explanation of somecomplex accounting methodology or reconditeadvance in biopharmacology. Not to mention jug-gling stubborn CEOs, tricky depositions, and multi-pronged litigation in federal and state courts acrossthe country.Washington, D.C., boasts many expert businesslitigators, but the 10 profiled here stand out even inthat crowd. Some of them specialize in the highest-stakes areas of commercial contention such assecurities fraud and patent infringement. Others aregeneralists in the ways that companies come toblows. They all tend to focus on resolving disputesbetween corporations rather than mediating theblows of gove...