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Mueller Reports Hybrid Appraisal FAQ’s Pg. 1 of 3 A hybrid appraisal, also known as a bifurcated appraisal, is a modernized way to conduct appraisals that has grown in popularity as the real estate industry grows, modernizes, and evolves, which has been drastically accelerated by COVID-19.As a leader in the appraisal modernization space, Mueller’s focus is on the future of valuation practice. Having been a pioneer of the bifurcated appraisal workflow, Mueller has positioned itself as a leading innovator in the space. Below are several common misconceptions, questions, and answers that Mueller has encountered while working to perfect its bifurcated appraisal model. How can I trust a third party to provide accurate property data?Mueller has over 40 years of experience in the insurance inspections industry and has leveraged that experience to cultivate a work force of world-class property inspectors. All Mueller inspectors must pass a rigorous training curriculum that includes formal class...