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Distribution CARLOTTA FILMS US Contact: Vincent PAUL-BONCOUR [email protected] LEOS CARAX'S PIONEER WORK A DREAMLIKE, POETIC FILM ONE OF CINEMA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL HYMNS TO LOVE A FILM BY LEOS CARAX STARRING DENIS LAVANT & MIREILLE PERRIER IN THEATERS PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN RESTORATION COMING SOON THE BIRTH OF A MOVIE POET! DISCOVER THIS FLAMBOYANT WORK IN A RESTORED DIGITAL VERSION SUPERVISED BY LEOS CARAX aris by night. Alex, 22, wants to become a filmmaker. He is fascinated by first times and his girlfriend, Florence, has just left him for his best friend, Thomas. First break-up, first attempted murder: Alex tries to strangle Thomas, but gives up and wanders the streets. That evening, Mireille, a girl from provincial France who has come up to Paris to make commercials, is left by her boyfriend. Alex witnesses this separation. These two tormented souls run into each other at a party... "Here we are still alone... It is all so slow, so heavy, so sad... Soon I will be old and it will at last b...