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E-COMMERCE39CTC Legal MediaTHE TRADEMARK LAWYERin India such as (i) display of complete sellerdetails on the platform, (ii) e-commerceentity shall not influence the price ofgoods/services and shall maintain a levelplaying field, (iii) adopts any unfair methodsor unfair or deceptive practice that mayinfluence transactional decisions ofconsumers, (iv) falsely represent themselvesas consumers or post reviews about goodsand services in their name; or misrepresentor exaggerate the quality or the features ofgoods and services. In addition to this, thedraft Rules also lay down certain liabilitieson the sellers who are using e-commerce.Most importantly, these draft Rules providefor consumer grievance redress procedurewhich mandate that every e-commerceentity shall publish on its website the nameof the Grievance Officer and his contactdetails as well as mechanism by which userscan notify their complaints. It is also providedthat the Grievance Office shall redress thecomplaints within one month....