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LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION OUTLINE CLASS Q - SCIENCE (Click each subclass for details) Subclass Q Science (General) Subclass QA Mathematics Subclass QB Astronomy Subclass QC Physics Subclass QD Chemistry Subclass QE Geology Subclass QH Natural history - Biology Subclass QK Botany Subclass QL Zoology Subclass QM Human anatomy Subclass QP Physiology Subclass QR Microbiology Subclass Q Q1-390 Science (General) Q1-295 General Q300-390 Cybernetics Q350-390 Information theory Subclass QA QA1-939 Mathematics QA1-43 General QA47-59 Tables QA71-90 Instruments and machines QA75-76.95 Calculating machines QA75.5-76.95 Electronic computers. Computer science QA76.75-76.765 Computer software QA101-(145) Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic QA150-272.5 Algebra QA273-280 Probabilities. Mathematical statistics QA299.6-433 Analysis QA440-699 Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology QA801-939 Analytic mechanics Subclass QB QB1-991 Astronomy QB1-139 General QB140-237 Practical and spherical astronomy QB275-...