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The ancient Greeks were great thinkers, warriors, athletes, artists, and politicians. They were also great builders. Their cities had beautiful temples, open-air theaters, and other dazzling public buildings. Art and ArtisansThe Greeks were famous for their clay pots. They came in many shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. They were often beautifully decorated with scenes from daily life.The Greeks were really good at making statues, too. Master sculptors carved life-like statues out of a rock called marble.Great ThinkersThe Greeks created a new way of thinking that emphasized logic, reasoning, mathematics, and careful observation. Plato (on the left) and Socrates were famous thinkers of the time. Hippocrates, a doctor, and Archimedes, an inventor and mathematician, were well-known scientists. Bold BuildersThe ancient Greeks had a grand style of architecture that is still copied today. The Greeks believed that the secret to making a great building was math. They carefully design...