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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lift off into a floating world of inflatables A castle in the sky, a balloon laboratory and a floating Moon appear in ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibition SINGAPORE (23 May 2019) – More than 40 artworks, including eight dramatic larger-than-life inflatables, will greet visitors at Floating Utopias, ArtScience Museum’s new exhibition opening this Saturday. A visual spectacle, the exhibition takes a playful and poetic look at inflatable objects, showing how they have been used in art, architecture and social activism over the decades. Presented in five chapters, the four-month long exhibition shows how inflatable objects have opened up new possibilities. With the invention of the hot air balloon, humanity was able to leave the confines of the ground for the first time and experience the Earth from above. Floating Utopias explores how this invention has shaped the way we understand the world and our place in it. The exhibition is grounded by a strong political narra...