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Page 192 LinguisticsSonoma State University 2008-2010 CatalogprOGram Office Stevenson 2070(707) 664-2419LinGUistics prOGram cOOrDinatOrRichard J. Senghas, Department of Anthropology/LinguisticsLinGUistics prOGram aDvisOrsRichard J. Senghas, Professor, Anthropology/LinguisticsGreta Vollmer, Assoc. Professor, EnglishMira Katz, Asst. Professor, EnglishJeffrey Reeder, Assoc. Professor, Modern Languages (Spanish)Jorge Porras, Assoc. Professor, Modern Languages (Spanish)Robert Train, Asst. Professor EnglishHee-won Kang, Professor, EducationKaren Grady, Assoc. Professor, EducationKelly Estrada, Asst. Professor, EducationtesL certificate prOGram cOOrDinatOr Richard J. SenghasFacultyRichard J. Senghas Programs Offeredminor in Linguistics supplementary english Language Development (seLD)The fundamental concern of linguistics is with description and explanation of the interrelatedness of thinking and using language. This concern takes many forms: among others, inquiry into the nature of language ...