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Program: LinguisticsAssessment Coordinator: Edward VajdaDepartmental Mission: The WWU Linguistics Program offers a broad, multidisciplinaryapproach to the scientific analysis of human language. Students analyze the structuralcomponents of language: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. They studyhow language is acquired, how it varies across time and space, and how it is used in differentsocial contexts. Students also develop a solid foundation in a second language and areintroduced to various subfields of linguistics, including neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics,psycholinguistics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics, anddiscourse analysis. Our classes engage students in critical inquiry, enabling them to becomeinformed participants in public discourse about language.Program Student Learning Outcomes: Upon graduation, Linguistics major will be able to:1. recognize and understand the basic fields of linguistic inquiry2. gather and sy...