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Linguistics 1LINGUISTICSContact InformationLinguisticshttps://linguistics.rice.edu/212 Herring Hall713-348-6010Nancy A. NiedzielskiDepartment [email protected] E. KemmerDirector of Undergraduate [email protected] Rice Linguistics Department is the home of an active community ofscholars with a wide range of interests. Broadly defined, the departmentadopts a functional, usage-based approach to language and linguistictheory. A number of recurrent themes emerge in faculty research andthe degree programs offered: in-depth investigation of languages,coupled with the search for cross-linguistic generalization; the effects ofsemantics, language-in-use, sociocultural factors, and other functionalinfluences that motivate and constrain linguistic form; grounding oftheories in solid empirical data of many sorts; an interest in the relationbetween language and mind; and interest in discourse and social/communicative interaction more generally. These interests lead tointensive resear...