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Linguistics, MA 1LINGUISTICS, MAfor the degree of Master of Arts in LinguisticsStudents are not admitted to the MA program directly. When Stage I of the doctoral program is completed doctoral students may earn the MA.Graduate Degree Programs in Linguistics(Including African Languages [Bamana, Lingala, Swahili, Wolof, and Zulu], Arabic, Hindi-Urdu, Modern Greek, Persian, Sanskrit, and Turkish)Linguistics, MA (p. 1)Teaching of English as a Second Language, MA (MATESL) (http://catalog.illinois.edu/graduate/las/teaching-english-second-language-ma/)Linguistics, PhD (http://catalog.illinois.edu/graduate/las/linguistics-phd/)optional concentrations:Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (http://catalog.illinois.edu/graduate/las/concentration/second-language-acquisition-teacher-education/)Romance Linguistics (http://catalog.illinois.edu/graduate/las/concentration/romance-linguistics/)The Department of Linguistics offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching Eng...