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WNHITESTEITechnologiesThe affordable Transportation Management System for SME road-freight logistics providers that want fast results. ˆReduce cost by optimizing your fleet’s utilizationˆIncrease process efficiency for operational savingsˆImpress customers with higher service levelsEasy Order and Capacity ManagementAdministrate orders and private fleet capacities through a clean and simple browser-based interface. Living Systems TMS lets you stay on top of all order fulfillment requirements and gives you the up-to-date information your cus-tomers expect when they make an inquiry.Smart Planning with Decision SupportLiving Systems TMS streamlines the dispatching process and supports all essen-tial tasks for consolidating loads and planning least-cost routes. The optional real-time optimization module helps dispatchers deal with order changes or unexpected events and guides them in hectic situations.Fleet Procurement and Multimodal ExecutionManage the assignment of loads and routes to pri...