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© 2005 Anna ºubowiczCascadilla Proceedings ProjectCompleted March 18, 2005Locality of Conjunction∗Anna ºubowiczUniversity of Southern California1. Point of DepartureA locally-conjoined constraint C (Smolensky 1993) is violated iff both of its conjuncts, C 1 and C 2,are violated in a local domain D. This is defined in (1). Coda condition against labials, for example,can be understood as local conjunction of markedness constraints, NO-CODA and *PL/LAB , in thedomain of a coda, [N O-CODA &*PL/LAB ]CODA. This is illustrated in (2).(1) Definition of LC (Smolensky 1993)C=[C1&C2]D is violated iff both C1 and C2 are violated in a local domain D.(2) Illustration (Smolensky 1993, Ito & Mester 1998)N O-CODA *PL/LAB [N O-CODA &*PL/LAB ]CODAa. tad.ga *b. tad.ba * *c. tab.da * * *Candidate (2a) does not violate the locally-conjoined constraint, [NO-CODA &*PL/LAB ]CODA, since itviolates only one of the conjuncts, N O-CODA . Candidate (2b) violates both conjuncts, NO-CODA and*P L/LAB , but in differen...