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1Louisiana VegetablePlanting GuidePlanting Guide 2Louisiana Vegetable Planting GuideProducing vegetables is a favorite pastime for many people. Homegrown vegetables have better flavor because they are harvested closer to their peak ripeness, which enables the production of more of their natural sugars. Plus, there is complete joy in watching a small seed develop into a delicious treat!Gardening provides a means of exercise, recreation and therapy, as well as opportunities for many to experi-ence nature. Statements such as “Let me show you my garden” or “I grew that” give a sense of self-satisfaction worth way more than any monetary value.Home vegetable gardens range in size from a single potted tomato plant to large gardens. Make your garden the size that will meet your needs without becoming a burden.Plan ahead. Locate the garden in a sunny area. Six to eight hours of sunlight each day is preferred. The fruit-bearing crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and squash, need full sunlight for ...